PawFlex™ is a disposable non adhesive fur friendly super stretch all in one bandage that maintains a secure comfortable natural fit.

PawFlex™ is hands down the quickest and easiest bandage system to use. PawFlex™ literally takes seconds to secure and release, making it the most hassle free bandage system. Changing bandages will never again be a complicated, time consuming and stressful event for you or your pet.

Click here to download PawFlex™ size charts.


PawFlex™ Basic Bandage

PawFlex™ super stretch material flexes in all joint degrees and angles and moves gently and smoothly with your active dog. PawFlex™ is gentle and soft enough for the tiniest breed and strong and tough enough for the largest of breeds.
Aside from coming in sizes XSmall to XLarge we offer 2 different widths to accommodate not just dog size but wound size as well.
PawFlex™ Basic Bandage is for any part of your dogs’ leg.

PawFlex™ Universal Bandage

This bandage was specifically designed to bend with, Flex and mold to your pet’s joints, large wounds, open paws and tails at any angle with absolute comfort and ease. Its gentle and its ergonomic construction allows your dog total freedom to move, run and play without any restrictiveness or discomfort.
Again, no worry about slippage as each PawFlex™ design has a built- in non slip grip created specifically for fur.
Special instructions on sizing PawFlex™ Universal Bandage: Follow size chart recommendation for hock (hind leg) joint; go down 1 size for front leg joints and large wounds on front legs or below the hock (hind leg joint).

PawFlex™ Bandage Cover/Protector

We suggest using the bandage cover with both PawFlex™ Basic and Joint Bandages if your dog needs extra protection from biting or gnawing at his wound and/or bandage.
The tubular bandage cover is easy to slip on and off and is totally hassle free. It has a built- in non slip grip and is water resistant. The cover is tubular which means there are no ends to unravel or open. In other words it’s virtually impossible for your pet to get it off…unless of course he’s Houdini.
Many dogs won’t require the bandage cover/protector but every dog owner knows their own dog and can make that judgment call on an individual basis. PawFlex™ Tubular Bandage Cover/Protector comes as a standard addition in each box of Basic and Joint Bandages.
It is also sold separately.

PawFlex™ MediMitt Bandage

This bandage is for your dogs paws.
It has no designated front or back so you can direct the wound pad portion directly over the wound no matter where it is located on the paw.
The fastener is a non-slip strap with Velcro®.

PawFlex™ MediMitt Bandage Cover

For outdoor protection, PawFlex™ has designed a disposable water proof Cover/Protector that slips right over PawFlex™ MediMitt and utilizes the same fastener to keep the MediMitt clean and dry during outside use.

MediMitt Size Chart

Click here to download the PawFlex™ MediMitt size char.

PLEASE NOTE: For the PawFlex™ MediMitt, you have to print the size chart out and place your dog’s paw against the chart to get a good fit.
When in doubt, a bigger size rather than a smaller one.

Bandage Protector/Cover Chart

Click here to download the PawFlex™ Bandage Protector/Cover size chart.

Basic and Joint Size Chart

Click here to download the PawFlex™ Basic and Joint size charts.

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